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Allee – located in the most inhabited district of Budapest – was opened on 11th November 2009. The multifunctional shopping center can be found on the 3 acres area between the streets Október huszonharmadika, Kőrösy, Váli, and Bercsényi.
The shopping center has four levels and 47 000 square meters GLA including retail and entertainment functions. It additionally has 7 000 square meters for offices and a three-level parking house located underneath the center with 1280 parking places.
Simplon Udvar with its 89 high-quality apartments of 35-130 square meters of floor space is situated on the corner of Váli and Bercsényi Street which is the most peaceful part of the area.
The developer ING Real Estate Development LLC was intent on establishing an engaging shopping and entertainment center that satisfies the demands of visitors and developing high quality of life for the residents. Due to the successful cooperation between Allee and the district's council the close surrounding of the shopping center also had been renewed. A 100-meter long tunnel was made in Bercsényi Street to detour the traffic from there. Kőrösy Street became a pedestrian street, and a park was attached to it that was the former parking place of the market.