Make everlasting art in Allee!

2020. October 16.


Make shopping a cultural experience and win 1 000 000 HUF!

Three new installations will be added to the entrance hall and Food Court of Allee Shopping Centre.
We would like to include fine and applied artists to this project to make the time spent in Allee a more pleasant, relaxing experience and the shopping more colourful. The winner of this compatition will be rewarded with 1 000 000 HUF and the opportunity to create something long lasting exhibited in a crowded location.

If you are interested in your artwork being used to decorate the installations, read for more!

Who can apply?
The invitation is for applicants with a degree in, or studying fine or applied art and who are prepared to provide unrestricted access to using their works in collaboration with Allee.

What kind of artworks are expected?
We are looking for manipulated or conjured artworks of well-known Hungarian paintings and fine art works related to our Hungarian cultural roots, whose visual elements are familiar to many, and convey a nostalgic, peaceful atmosphere such as an inti- mate, family gathering or the harmony of eating together.
It is important that the visual world of the 3 installation elements is in harmony with one another, creating a unified image. Due to their location, the first two elements main theme is food, while the lower Staccato would highlight the shopping experience.

Information about the stucture of the installations
The installation will be a suspended structure made of large aluminium sheets with external and internal sides. This will allow the three installations to display 6 artworks in total.

Who will judge the applications?
The applications will be evaluated by a panel of 4 experts from Allee, TT Design and the cultural sector.

Entry deadline: 30TH NOVEMBER, 2020, 6 PM CET

For more details, visit!

The professional partner conducting the tender is Hybridart Management Kft.

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