#alleetips – Everything you need for running

2021. June 1.

On the 2nd of June we celebrate Global Running Day, which commemorates one of the most popular sports. Due to this occasion, you can find our recommendations on the topic here along with our selection of stores having the accessories that might come in handy during your daily training sessions.

Why not stay stylish while running?

It's an interesting question what do the clothes we wear during work-out say about us. There are those, who vote on grabbing something casual from the top shelf, and those, who will not leave their apartments without a fashionable running outfit. And what about those who would want to wear something cozy yet trendy? They get their sport fits from Under Armour. Look around in the store located on Allee's ground floor, and dominate the field in cool-looking sportswear.

Being fit is not a privilege

Wanna lose some weight or just need to gain some muscle? You've been planning on starting doing sports or just tired of counting the miles alone, and would prefer to train in company with the help of professionals? It doesn't matter what motivates you, just start! And the best place for this is Life 1 Fitness on the 2. floor of Allee, where you can choose from plenty of different training sessions to find what fits you the most.

This is how you run efficiently

Depending on the intensity, you can burn 400-800 calories/hour, which helps you losing weight. So, there is a reason why so many people try this sport to get in shape as quickly as possible. However, if we want to see results, we need to do it right. Visit BioTech USA's website to find useful tips on how to begin, and tank up on various dietary supplements essential for doing sports.

Pay attention to your health!

When you are doing sports, it's important to follow what our body is trying to say to us, because our heartbeat and pulse can tell a lot about our health situation. A smartwatch knows how much our body can take and when to make a stop and take a little break. The Apple Watch Series 6 GPS has all the functions that help you complete your training sessions. Now between 05.20.2021 and 06.30.20221 you can get Apple watches and iPhones for 10-month installments with 0% THM in iCentre.

Cool down with class

What can be more refreshing than a nice shower after sweaty training? Say goodbye to tiredness with the Woosh shower gel, with its interesting form and unbelievable efficiency. The fresh grapefruit and lime extract not only wakes you up but cleans and rejuvenates the skin! And where to find this tiny little miracle? On Allee's grand floor, in LUSH.

Nothing can stand in the way of running

Sometimes, a wrong step is enough to put us on a hiatus in our daily sports routine. Little injuries are easy to avoid though by using the right tools. Thanks to its neoprene material THUASNE sport strapping elastic knee brace retains heat and ventilates well but also comfortable wear that completely stabilizes the feet during running. You can get one for yourself for the sake of doing sports safely in THUASNE MED-PONT which is specialized in medical aids. You can find them on the 1. floor of Allee.

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