#alleetips - Find your iconic fragrance!

2021. July 13.

Here's some good news: our latest tips can help you and your partner find the fragrance that best matches your personality as well! Let's dive into the world of perfumes, body sprays and oils together!

A bottle of history
Police, Dior, Kenzo, Gucci, Giorgio, Emporio, Prada! Douglas offers discounts on the great ones and most famous pieces of the perfume industry. These bestsellers have sold well already, but the sale means they may not stay in stock for long, so don't hesitate!

Summer in a vial
It’s unbelievable: you blink twice and you realize that half the summer has already flown by. Well, L'occitane's citrus fragrances are selling out of stock just as fast. Snap up these wonders made form grapefruit, rhubarb, verbena, tangerine and cactus now and make summer last all year round, wherever you go!

A flask of freshness
Amid these heatwaves, it's always good to have a refreshing body spray in your bag. Look no further: with Lush's hand-crafted, 100% vegetarian sprays, just a few whiffs and you'll be embraced by the scents of the forest, a flower garden, an orchard or even a summer evening. If you're curious about nature's other treasures, try Yves Rocher's plant-based products too!

A jar of excitement
Solid perfumes are more sensual than the traditional ones. They last longer and their soft, creamy texture almost feels like a massage on your skin. STENDERS enhances this sensuality with special scents such as pink pepper, jasmine tea or even white cedar. And the best thing is that you can take these small, lightweight jars with you wherever you go - they won't drag down your bag! Looking for more exciting scents? Try musky products from The Body Shop and Kiehl's!

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