#alleetips –In the mood for getting married

2021. June 8.

There is no better season to stand before the altar than summer. Saying „I do’s” in pure flowery scent under the open blue sky is every couple’s dream. We are also here to help you be prepared for the big day, so we collected the stores highly recommended to visit if you are about to have a wedding.

Let everything you wear be golden that shines!

Are you preoccupied with counting the hours back until your wedding day? A nice watch not only makes the time fly quicker but gives a charming appearance to its wearer. Apart from happiness, there is nothing that makes couples shine brighter than jewels. A pair of glimmering earrings or a unique necklace also matches the wedding outfit perfectly. Visit JUTA on the ground floor to find exclusive accessories to make you gleam on your big day.

Show your nightgown, and I’ll tell you who you are!

Even though weddings last no longer than a day, we show the photos and video recording around to each of our friends for decades after. This is why it’s crucial to look our best on our wedding day, and the dresses we wear have an enormous part in this. Put on something you would want to be remembered by even years later. Clothes from well-known designers will certainly not disappoint you, especially now when you can pick your classic or more daring designs at a discounted price in Van Graaf.

Put this one on!

White? Wavy? Silk or embroidered? Are you more of a cocktail dress or the traditional type? It’s never easy to find the wedding dress of your dreams. Some people try on hundreds of pieces until they find the right one. It’s definitely a bonus if you can move and breathe freely in it. Do you need some help to find your way in the ocean of casual dresses? Orsay is the place to be with its exceptional selection of clothes on the ground floor of Allee.

When every detail fits

A tiny but significant question is to find the underwear matching our dress. A wedding is stressful enough not to worry about things like our bra strap accidentally flashes or the shape of our brief shows through our carefully selected cocktail dress. We need to be prepared for everything and pick our underwear for the big day accordingly. The pieces of Triumph’s latest collection will keep you good company in every tough situation. Find their store on Allee’s ground floor.

Are you ready to dance?

Even if you are not planning to bail out on your wedding and run away right from the altar before the final vows, it’s not a bad idea to find a pair of shoes to be comfortable throughout the whole ceremony, and dance until dawn in it with confidence. No need to stick to the traditional designs, you can go for something unusual, even sporty footwear, it’s your night, you can do whatever feels right. Luckily HUMANIC always pulls through with its impeccable selection of footwear. Pop by and find what you are looking for on Allee’s 1. floor.

New hair, new life?

Perfect hair is not the privilege of movie stars and models. Come out with something special for the big day and take as many compliments as you can from friends and relatives with a fantastic hairdo! Give the hairdressers in Chin Up Hairboutique a chance to feel good as new. They are experienced enough to find the cut matching your style. Get there for a taste of glamour, you won’t regret it!

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