Boccacini, the Gourmet snack food truck has opened

2018. October 24.

Prepared purely and naturally - the base concept: adding 40 g vegetable mix (according to the nature of the product) to 60 g lean meat.
Fresh; Fast - maximum 2 minutes preparation time (starting from order); Free from artificial colouring, preservatives, flavour enhancers; Unique packaging, gourmet flavors.

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2019. January 19.

Special opening hours of Vodafone – 19 January

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2019. January 2.


We have a number of new opportunities for you also in January! Don’t miss our fantastic promotions! Come and choose from the unbelievable special offers brought to you by Allee’s various shops! Get your great discount today so you can start the spring season with a renewed style!

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2018. December 6.

Our free WiFi is faster than ever!

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