Sustainable refreshment: Please welcome the Oonly water dispenser in Allee!

2021. February 19.

Environment-conscious solutions play an important part in Allee’s life, and our latest service is also a huge step to pursue our visions on this. Out of the shopping centers in Hungary, we are the first to introduce Oonly’s unique water dispenser, which can be found on parking level P3, next to the photo and parking automat.

What makes Oonly really special?

Oonly has rethought the returnable bottle system and placed it in a 21st-century environment. The return works through an innovative dock, leaving you to enjoy crystal clear, natural mineral water without plastic pollution. The bottles and it’s accessories are 100% recyclable, and for this reason, the whole construction and working method of Ooonly is plastic waste-free.

The bottle and what it contains

Oonly uses 100% BPA-free Tritan bottles, which can be washed on even 110C degrees and allow germ-free refills. The Tritan bottle is strong and durable, it can be disinfected at a very high temperature. That makes the Oonly bottles ready to serve you for years instead of the single-use PET bottles.

With Oonly, you do not have to give up on quality mineral water to stay eco-conscious. Every Oonly bottle is filled with Vis Vitalis mineral water, which is excellent natural water that originated from the Pannonhalma archabbey. Thanks to Oonly's revolutionary techniques, the quality and cleanliness of the water can be maintained throughout the whole process.

The Dock®
One of the most important stages of the Oonly work cycle is the dock.
This unique vending machine is capable of containing 900 bottles but able to sell and return bottles. Besides this, it also communicates with you and with us. The dock helps you make a purchase or complete returns. Your empty bottles can be returned, the dock collects them together, which ends in getting the Oonly bottles back into the business. At the end of the process, you can decide if you want to exchange your empty bottles for refilled ones.

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