Life1 Fitness club has opened in Allee

2018. September 9.

Life1 Allee Fitness welcomes you with unique design, lot of natural light and of course wide range of fitness services. You don’t have to adjust your daily schedule to the opening hours, you can come to the gym anytime, the club is open 0-24, non-stop.

You can do your workout on the latest Life Fitness cardio and strength equipment - with the LFconnect app, you can track your workout goals and performance on your mobile as well.

If you would like to have personal professional assistance and continuous motivation, personal coaches give you great support to reach your fitness goals: your workouts will be more efficient, safer, more entertaining than doing them alone.
The lovers of group workout sessions can choose from more than 20 types of group workouts, among them yoga, spinning, TRX - all starting in the afternoons at 3 pm.

Come and give it a try! We’re sure that Life1 Allee Fitness will become the favourite gym among fit, Buda-based youngsters.

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