Allee Club daily winners

2019. December 1.

CONGRATULATION for the winners of our Christmas campaign!


1st of December - Budapest Collection - Picture postcard, print (Budapest Pattern)
Winner: Péter Koppány
2nd of December – Gingerbread soy candle XL (Greenway Design)
Winner: Mária Fekete
3rd of December – Budapest Collection - Dishtowels (Manohuis)
Winner: Zsófia Vetőné Mózner
4th of December – Budapest Collection - Poster (CSŐ!)
Winner: Mária Lánczy
5th of December – Budapest Collection - Silk kerchief (Olajos Csenge)
Winner: Anita Kukoly
6th of December – Budapest Collection - Tram pillow (pici and the city)
Winner: Kitti Turbucz
7th of December – Budapest Collection - Nacklace (Bdpst Ékszer Manufaktúra)
Winner: Andrea Kurtesch
8th of December – Lunch Bag (Kivibag)
Winner: Anna Németh
9th of December – Copper earrings (Personal Perception)
Winner: Lilla Asztalos
10th of December – Budapest Collection - Glass coasters (Sator Space)
Winner: Petra Decsák
11th of December – Logifaces - The beginner set - supercolor (Logideez)
Winner: Erika Berkesné dr. Reichenbach
12th of December – Terazzo cufflink AB (Concrete Design)
Winner: Flóra Anna Hajnáczky
13th of December – Turquise circle necklace (l'arbre design)
Winner: Anikó Galambos
14th of December – Polygon wall clock (MOHA design)
Winner: Mariann Árva
15th of December – CAX green earrings (Delacier)
Winner: Petra Hederics
16th of December – TND Budapest wallet (The Naan Design)
Winner: Éva Manhertz
17th of December – MacBook case (Delka bag)
Winner: Erika Hoózné Zsorda
18th of December – Budapest FIRKA bullet journal, in package with 3 pieces of notebook in 3 different colors (DOT for You)
Winner: Nikolett Szekeres
19th of December – DELTA black backpack (ARTISTA)
Winner: Kolozs Mari
20th of December – MALHA backpack (Medence Csoport)
Winner: Ágnes Dr. Galgóczi
21st of December – WHALE backpack, small, yellow (Blind Chic.)
Winner: Zsanett Gyenese
22nd of December – Leaves silver earrings (Fruzsi Fekete Jewelry)
Winner: Boglárka Krasznai
23rd of December – JAVA black leather backpack (Müskinn)
Winner: Orsolya Botlik
24th of December – ESTHER backpack, leather, Lake Balaton blue (Ducsai.Leather.Goods)
Winner: Nikoletta Vécsei

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