2019. March 21.

Apply for the April dates of Trendakadémia!

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2018. December 6.

Our free WiFi is faster than ever!

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2018. December 5.

Claire’s is back!

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2019. February 4.

A Calvin Klein Jeans-be megérkezett az új tavaszi kollekció!

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2018. October 25.

New stores in Allee!

New stores have been opened in Allee’s shop alley. Brums, the Italian kids clothes shop and one of the world’s best-known clothing brand, Calvin Klein.

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2018. November 5.

Kultúrsziget has opened

Find the theatre ticket sales counters of Kultúrsziget on the second floor in front of the cinema!

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2018. September 9.

Life1 Fitness club has opened in Allee

The latest fitness club of Life1 Fitness awaits its guests on the 3rd floor with impressive interior design, lot of natural light, the newest Life Fitness gym equipment, professional personal coaches and with fantastic group workout sessions.

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2018. October 24.

Boccacini, the Gourmet snack food truck has opened

Contemporary, modern street food. We offer Boccacini products - vegetarian or made of various meats - in multiple flavours with natural fruit or vegetable-based, additive-free sauces.

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