SLOGGI shop opened in Allee!

2019. April 5.

The SLOGGI store in Allee opened on Friday 5th of April!

It's time to have the perfect, liberating comfort, not to let others end up being the moment to live! Sloggi is constantly working on innovative solutions that make their underwear finally relieve the clumsiness of uncomfortable underwear and help them live the moments.
Explore the latest collection of sloggies, sports, and swimwear in our new shop!

Opening action in the SLOGGI shop
You can choose from 1 set of pin set or 1 packet hair strap as a gift for every purchase of over 7,000 HUF. In addition, if you buy a Zero Feel bra, we will give you one box of underwear storage under the stock. Check out the details for details.

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