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2020. August 17.


Szent Imre Hospital

Dear Visitors!

If you are familiar with Allee, then you must know how important it is for us to support the 11th district. Without a doubt it’s the district’s health care that needs help the most, and this is why Allee decided to support Szent Imre Hospital with 15 million forints in this current epidemiological situation.

From this amount the hospital will get 3 breathing machines, 2 EKG monitors, 30 blood pressure monitors and numerous protective equipment and medical devices.

„We are grateful for any support and for this reason Allee’s offering to contribute in our fight to overcome the pandemic is highly appreciated.The devices purchased from the donation will be given to our units dealing directly with coronavirus, the COVID intensive care, the emergency care and the COVID isolation unit” – said Róbert J. Bedros, director-general of Szent Imre Teaching Hospital.

We hope that this offering can effectively help the hospital’s daily work during the epidemic and even after that. We are thankful for all the hard work the employees of Szent Imre Hospital and everyone else working in healthcare do for daily.

We stand with you!

Allee Team

You can read the press release here.

4 March 2020

Pető Institue

The Allee Shopping Mall, as a dedicated supporter of the district, has been actively monitoring and helping the work of Pető Institute, located in the XI. district.
Since the institute is covering such essential tasks as to improve the living conditions of children diagnosed with cerebral palsy, we started to raise funds in the autumn of 2019 and with the help of our customers, we collected 1 million HUF for the Institute.

The purpose itself was not the only thing that has sweetened the fundraising. In collaboration with Desszert Neked cake- and pastry workshop we announced the Cake of Allee recipe competition, and the income of sales has been complemented by Allee, so this way we could support the cause by joining forces together.

„The special devices needed to improve the kids’ abilities of movement, speech, understanding and digital competency could not be acquired without support, not to mention the expensive programs outside of the institute.
With Allee’s support we are able to finance the purchase of new equipment, the free time activities of the children and the dog therapy programs that are to develop communication and social skills.” – said András Schumicky, the president of Tégy a Pető Intézet Gyermekeiért foundation.

At Allee we are proud that with the help of our customers we managed to support an institute that is doing such a high-standard job in the district and thanks to this we have also been able to contribute to the improvement of Újbuda’s civil life.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to every single person again, who participated in the donation.

Allee Team

You can read the press release here.

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