Allee Gift Card

One gift in many forms!

Allee gift card has arrived!

Find the perfect present at Allee! Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary or any other occasion, give Allee gift card!

Add any amount (minimum 1000 HUF) to your gift card, which the owner can use up to 1 year in more than 100 Allee stores. The Allee gift card can be purchased at the 1st floor information desk during opening hours.

You can find the terms and conditions on the use of the gift card by clicking here – it is in Hungarian.


The Allee Vouchers with valid expiration dates can be redeemed in the following
The Allee Shopping Mall is extending the expiration date of the Allee Vouchers that are redeemable until 31 December, 2020 to September 30, 2021.