House Rules

  1. The total area of Allee Shopping Center is private property.
  2. The mall and its surroundings are controlled by security policy.
  3. Camera surveillance system works throughout the building.
  4. Smoking is prohibited in the total area of the mall.
  5. It is prohibited to travel by roller-skate, skateboard, roller or any other kind of toy or sport equipment in the building.
  6. In the area of the shopping center handing out leaflets, questionnaires or pursue similar activities can be carried out only with the permission of the management of the center.
  7. Alcoholic beverages can be consumed only in the designated restaurants.
  8. The shopping carts and baskets can not be removed from the premises of the shopping center.
  9. Visitor of the mall with entering accept that the shopping center or a third party’s events, promotions, who is in agreement with the center, can make video and sound recordings of them. They also contribute to the public disclosure of the recordings.