Pet-friendly Shopping Center

The first pet-friendly shopping center in Hungary

Do you like your little pet close to you? Do you prefer taking him or her everywhere with you?

Then Allee perfectly fits your needs! The entire shopping center has been modified into a pet-friendly place and you can go into more than 50 shops with your favorite pet! Furthermore, we are waiting for you with extra services such as animal ride or dog comfort station, not to mention the different programs!

Allee – a favourite of our favourite companions

From now on, Allee welcomes your pet friends as well. 23 September 2015 marks the day since well-behaved dogs and other pets can enter the common areas of Allee shopping center and the stores displaying the related pictograms. Human companions of the pets must follow a special code of conduct. In the means of the “Allee - favourite of our favourite companions – pet-friendly shopping center” programme there is also a dog comfort station with fresh drinking water.


Allee Shopping Centre wishes to encourage the special bond between pets and humans as well as offer a full-scale shopping experience by launching the “Allee- favourite of our favourite companions – pet-friendly shopping center” programme. Within its frameworks owners can enter – accepting their sole responsibility – with their well-behaved and healthy pets to the common areas of the Allee shopping center and they can shop together in the stores displaying the related pictograms. A dog station with fresh drinking water is also provided by the center.


Allee also opens its doors to organisations which are training service dogs in Budapest and nearby, providing a real, live practice area for the dogs, where they can complete training and test tasks in a relaxed, pre-planned manner.


The shopping center is also a partner of HEROSZ Society for the Protection of Animals and Nature and Animal Shelter of Budaörs, where visitors of the center can adopt lonely dogs, cats or bunnies.

Allee Shopping Center also believes that responsible pet ownership and animal rights are as important as helping these animals. Allee knows that saving a pet by adoption is not merely an act of good will, but a real benefit to the new owner, since these animals surround their owners with selfless love, loyalty and dedication. Of course plenty of other pets await adoption on the shelters’ premises, even if you could not find your lifelong friend among the displayed animals.