2021. May 1. – May 31.

TRENDm is waiting for you in May!

Personalized style lessons with the Allee's designers

On Fridays and Saturdays with the stylists of Mark Lakatos, and monthly on one Sunday personally with Mark Lakatos you can find your most fashionable side. Register on our website and shop with our professional stylists.

Fashion is constantly changing, but style is eternal. Keep up with fashion, get to know the latest trends. This is the Allee Trendakadémia, where Mark Lakatos and his team make fashion more fashionable, style even more stylish, and attractive even more chic and more attractive.
During our personalized style courses combined with shopping you can also discover your most fashionable side.
Sign up for our free style courses, find the most suitable sets for yourself, and get in shape with us!

As we want you to have the best TRENDm experience, we prepared a little guide for you:

Avoid overbooking!

Do you know the feeling when you finally decide to try TRENDm, and it turns out that there is no free appointment left anymore?
Since the number of available places is limited, we would like to kindly ask you to reserve only one appointment with one e-mail address giving everyone an equal opportunity to have their style renewed.

Come prepared!

Has it ever happened to you that you were so excited to remember things you wanted to know, and it only came back to you when it was already too late?

To spend your time as efficiently as possible, have your questions ready before the appointment so you will not forget anything you wanted to ask from the stylists. If you feel that one session was not enough to get everything sorted, book another date for next month.

What to bring to the consultation?

Leave your wardrobe at home, you will not need it. Our stylists will create outfits matching your personality from the selection offered by our stores in Allee. All you need to do is to lay back, relax and enjoy our experts' undivided attention.

The service duration is 90 minutes, during consultation and shopping, photos and videos can be taken of you, so it’s good if you know that with your application you also contribute to this.

Lakatos Márk

Márk Lakatos is one of the best-known stylists in Hungary, who won the Stylist of the Year three times. He is the founding owner of the Lakatos Márk Group, which deals with style advices, stylist training, and company style training.
He has been a stylist since 2001, and he became famous because of his popular makeover shows. His first book Style therapy was published in 2011, which has been followed by two also style and lifestyle book, the Stylecalendar (2014) and The woman seven times (2016).
Mark also welcomes English-speaking guests.

Horváth Johanna

Johanna is our most fashionable stylist, who knows and loves the latest trends, yet she finds the classic pieces in the wilderness with a clever eye, so the cloakroom will be in a perfect harmony.

I am Johanna Horváth, 25 years old.
I have been living in Budapest for 5 years, I moved there from Szombathely to be closer to the fashion life of Budapest. I studied fashion and style design and graduated as a stylist. I've been working with Márk on transformation days, fashion camps, and shoots for many years, so I learned a lot from him and I was able to learn the secrets of giving advice in style. In my free time I like travelling, getting inspired by different cultures, and getting fashionable treasures on my trips. There are no two uniform women, no two uniform styles, but I find it very important to find yourself when it comes to dressing, since the fresh, radiant look is essential to be confident in everyday life.

Come with me and we will renew your wardrobe together!

I welcome you,

Bíró Anett

Anett graduated in Style Institute by Márk Lakatos Fashion School, and she has been working in style consultancy for many years. She will be the favorite stylist of women who want to have a cool, yet feminine wardrobe, she knows the challenges of a plus size woman’s dressing well.

I am Anett Bíró, a mother of a child. I live in Eger with my family. I regularly visit Budapest for my work and for the fashion life! I graduated in Style Institute by Márk Lakatos Fashion School in 2015. This was the first step that really made a big difference in my life. Then in 2016 I founded my own business and worked with Bence Csalár – fashionblogger, journalist in Budapest. At consulting, I offer both physical and mental support, and I believe that every change starts from the inside.
Register and be part of the magic.
I also welcome English speaking guests.

I welcome you,

Kemény Csilla

I am Csilla Kemény, an active mother of teenage twin sons and a grown-up daughter. I have found in the last few years of my life that my real vocation is fashion, and this was after finishing a stylist course at Style Institute by Lakatos Márk. By working with Hungary’s most famous stylist has helped me to learn a lot not just about styling, but also about people and their needs when it comes to clothing and setting up a loveable and functioning wardrobe. This world is so fascinating, that I have started a Fashion and Luxury Brand Manager course at Metropolitan University, too.

I believe that you can never stop learning, it is always worth to push yourself to grow, and I sincerely hope that whoever chooses me to accompany them on their shopping trip in Allee, will leave with some of my enthusiasm and openness to style.

I welcome you,

Kocsis Bea

I am Kocsis Bea, I live in Budapest with my family. I'm a 3-child, 45-year-old mother. After the birth of my children, I applied to the Style Institute of Mark's Fashion School. After completing the training, I got into a beautiful Buda salon, as a stylist, and now in Allee I also help the guests who come to me. I love my job! I consider it my task to make the maximum, to help everyone give their best form, regardless of age, form.
Come on, I'll show you! Find the portable, well-combinable pieces for you!

Lovas Anett

My name is Anett Lovas and I have been working with clothes and styling for more than a decade. During this time I have created my own clothing line, for which I wanted to learn new perspectives so I enrolled in a styling course at Mark Lakatos’s Style Institute.
Styling is my second love after creating new clothes, and I love to emphasize the importance of finding your own voice when it comes to dressing, and I firmly believe in key pieces, clothes that define your style and wardrobe. I am happy to see that people are being more and more open to unique designs and cuts.
I don’t want to transform your style, I just want to show your possibilities and the rest is up to you. Join me if you are open to a creative and fun personal shopping experience!

Szabó Olívia

My name is Olivia Szabo, and I have been working as a stylist since 2013. I have learnt the craft at the Werk Academy, where Mark Lakatos was my teacher – this is where our professional relationship has started and since then, we have worked on a lot of makeover days together.
Working as a stylist on TV shows has been a main focus for me in the last year, so I am more than ready to dive back into personal styling and shopping which has always been a favourite area of mine.

It is a deeply intimate partnership between the helper and the client, where the job is not just shopping, but we have to hear unsaid thoughts and see unsaid needs. The personal styling is only successful if the client is open to the suggested changes, and lets in the new informations and impulses. I hope we can work together in the near future, to make your wardrobe perfect for you and your life.
Olivia also welcomes English-speaking guests.

Kiss-Szécsényi Anikó

Anikó graduated in Style Institute by Márk Lakatos Fashion School, and she has been actively working in the field of beauty and fashion for many years, so she can give practical tips not only in dressing but also in make-up.

I'm Kiss-Szécsényi Anikó, 38 years old, mother of 2 toddlers, - whose biggest enemy is time, since being on the go is almost a constant phenomenon in my life. For nearly 10 years I have been living in Keszthely with my family where I am an owner of a beauty salon, where I work as a make-up artist and a stylist as well. I love working with people, helping women to emphasize their beauty and femininity, and helping them navigate between colors and styles to feel the best they can. As a personal stylist, color-, and stylist consultant and make-up artist, I consider it as a mission to give advice to ladies. As a mother, I know exactly how difficult it is to be on the top every day as a female, but fortunately it is not impossible!
I also welcome English speaking guests.

I welcome you,