We are renewing

Keep being updated with Allee’s renewal!

Are you curious about the novelties Allee is having for you? We help you not to miss a thing!

We intend to get the best out of Allee, so every minute you spend in the mall can give you a fuller experience.

During the construction, the building’s interior is also renewing: we are placing new decorating elements on various surfaces, in the airspace, and information panels will help with easier orientation in the building.
One of the most important locations of the redevelopment is the food court area: the food options are increasing along with doubling the seating capacity. A separate kid’s corner is being constructed as well for the families with children.

The different spaces with various moods and designs are constructed with extra care, so people can keep the necessary distance if needed making it safe to stay there.
Our corridors are developed in an environmentally conscious manner by applying modern technologies to create more sustainable and friendlier spaces.

Changing for me.
This is my Allee.



More colorful selection of restaurants in Allee!

Mevlana Kebab – Your favourite kebab place is open again!

As the construction works have finished in the restaurant, there is nothing to stop you from having an authentic kebab feist. You can find Mevlana Kebab in the second floor’s food court area.

Salt N Peper – the savor of a healthy diet

Our brand new restaurant Salt N Pepper offers a great variety of delicious grilled fish, meat and vegetables served with an alternative garnish of your choice like bulgur, couscous, or salads in the name of healthy nutrition. To make the menu complete, we can fill our trays with freshly squeezed juices and luscious desserts on top of it all. Come and taste the flavourful meals in Allee’s Food Court on the 2. floor!

Wok n’ Go –The flavours of Asia are waiting for you

The renovation of our restaurant famous for its classic far eastern cuisine has finished, which means that you can enjoy the fantastic fried meals again at its usual location, in the food court area on the second floor.


PadThai Wokbar – light dishes, oriental flavours

Plenty of incredibly yummy dishes are here to treat those who are into oriental healthy delicacies. You can not only find padthai variations but choose from soups, desserts, homemade lemonades, and other refreshments even snacks are on the menu! The restaurant is located on the 2. floor, next to JYSK.

Bellozzo – a spoonful of dolce vita

Bellozo is an authentic representative of Italian cuisine. Serving you quick ease for your hunger, and filling you with happiness in a blink of an eye, whether you are craving pasta, pizza, or dessert. You can find them in our Food Court next to Il Treno.

Hummus Bar – the best that could happen to chickpea

Hummus Bar has opened its new unit with an extraordinary menu: you can order their iconic hummus meals with dozens of toppings, not to mention the fresh, homemade pita bread that is served on the side. The restaurant is located in the renewing Food Court on the 2. floor!



Allee has started the renovation of its interior on a 5.5 billion HUF budget

The modernisation of the 46.700-square metre shopping mall is progressing quickly. During the construction the building is undergoing an interior renewal and by using advanced technologies Allee is going to be even more energy saving. On the enclosed construction areas and empty walls a charity art project is going to take place.